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An ansible is a fictional machine capable of instantaneous or superluminal communication.It can send and receive messages to and from a corresponding device over any distance whatsoever with no delay.

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Ansible Training Introduction

An ansible is a fictional machine capable of instantaneous or superluminal communication.

It can send and receive messages to and from a corresponding device over any distance whatsoever with no delay.

Ansibles occur as plot devices in science fiction literature IT performance strongly correlates with well-known continuous delivery and DevOps practices.

The longer an organisation has implemented and continues to improve upon DevOps practices, the better it performs.

curriculum_moduleIntroduction to Ansible

• Very brief history and reason for development of Ansible
• Brief comparison with Saltstack and others
• Benefits and limitations of using Ansible

curriculum_moduleThe Essentials of Configuration and Deployment

• What we can do with Ansible
• Our goals before, and our goals now

curriculum_moduleSetting Up

• Configuration
• Inventory
• Playbooks:Roles, Plays, And Tasks
• Variables and Modules

curriculum_moduleQuick Examples

• Deploying configuration of Apache server
• Managing changes in the configuration


• Roles
• Inclusion
• Variables
• Filters
• Conditionals
• Loops
• Accelerated Mode
• Asynchronous Actions
• Pooling
• Dry Run
• Delegation, Roling Updates and Local Actions
• Error Handling
• Lookups
• Promths
• Tags
• Vault
• Running playbooks interactively

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What is Ansible?

Ansible is a software tool to deploy application using ssh without sny downtime.It is also used to manage and configure software applications. Ansible is developed by Python language.

What are the Advantages of Ansible?


-Verylow overhead

-Good performance

What’s the Use of Ansible?

Ansible can be used in IT infrastructure to manage and deploy software applications to remote nodes. For example, let’s say you need to deploy a single software or multiple software to 100’s of nodes by a single command, here ansible comes into picture, with the help of Ansible you can deploy as many as applications to many nodes with one single command, but you must have a little programming knowledge for understanding the ansible scripts.

We’ve compiled a series on Ansible, title ‘Preparation for the Deployment of your IT Infrastructure with Ansible IT Automation Tool‘, through parts 1-4 and covers the following topics.

What are the Advantages of Ansible?

– Agent-less

– very overload

– Good Performance.

Is there a web interface / REST API / etc?

Yes, Ansible, Inc makes a great product that makes Ansible even more powerful and easy to use.

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Ansible Course Module

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