Application Packaging

Application packaging is one of the most important software management tasks IT departments oversee to maintain a stable and productive end user environment.

Application Packaging

Application Packaging Training Course Introduction

Application packaging is one of the most important software management tasks IT departments oversee  to maintain a stable and productive end user environment.

Desktop applications must work as expected, be configured and updated to the required level and be available from different platforms in a consistent and dependable manner.

Application Packaging online training by well trained and certified trainers. We know-how you need to efficiently virtualize desktop applications using application packaging.

We have offered courses to consultants, SMEs and individuals so that they can overcome all the challenges and become expert in the technology field.

In this course we can know that application packaging is the process of creating distributable bundles of application files, registry keys, INI files and all other entities that are needed for an application to function correctly in a Windows operating system environment.

These bundles are called application packages. We are the pioneers in this field and our skilled trainers will help each one of the candidates to understand the overall process.

We take pride for being the number one in the industry and successfully delivering results to all our clients.

Speaking about the subject, Application packaging is a process of binding the relevant files and components to build a customized application for a customer. Before enrolling tick your prerequisites.

Application Packaging Course Curriculum
Introduction of

• Software packaging Definition
• Packaging Format
• Overview on Repackaging

Windows Installer Overview

• About Windows Installer
• Advantages of Windows Installer
• Fundamentals of Microsoft Windows Installer (.MSI) technology
• About logo certification
• Getting Windows Installer
• About the Windows Installer service
• About the Windows Installer relational database
• About Windows Installer functionality
• Overview about Creating a Complete package Installation.
• Create a new installation
• Build your installation
• Configure package options
• Set system information on the destination machine
• Customize the installation for users
• Define releases
• Distribute your installation
• Compile and test your installation

Install Shield

• Fundamentals of InstallSheld
• Installshield Training
• Packaging with Installshield

Capturing an Application Installation

• Capturing applications and operating systems
• Introduction to SetupCapture
• Using SetupCapture
• Using SetupCapture with Virtual Capture
• Brief About registry, CLASS- ID,DLL
• Overview of Different File formats (.msi,.dll,.bin,.exe,.msp,.ism etc)

Repackaging a Simple Application

• Repackaging overview
• Repackaging considerations
• Repackaging process phases
• Before you start repackaging
• Accessing Application Gateway
• Analyze the vendor package
• Create a new project
• Customize the repackaged installation
• Quality assurance for the installation

Quality Assurance Testing

• Introduction to Test Expert
• Testing an .MSI file Introduction to Package Validation
• Application Isolation
• Introduction to Application Isolation

MSI and Repackaging Resources

• Web-based resources
• Print resources

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What is Merge Module?

Merge modules are a mechanism in Windows Installer that allows companies to prepackage and share standard component definitions. Merge modules are used to deliver shared code, files, resources, registry entries and setup logic to applications as a single compound file.

Where System Variables and User Variables are stored in the registries?

System Variables: HKLM\System\Current Control Set\Control\Session Manger\Environment
User Variables: HKCU\Environment

What is File Association?

The Windows operating system recognizes file types and associates them with programs based on their file extension. A file that carries no extension or no associated program is called Orphaned.

What is ODBC & DSN and its types?

ODBC means Open Database Connectivity. The purpose of ODBC is to allow the user to access data from any application. The layer between the application and the DBMS called DSN.
System DSN (DSN will be available for all users)
User DSN (DSN will be available for that particular user)

Where is Service information stored?

Most of the Service information are stored under the windows registry have HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Name of the Service

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Application Packaging Course Module

Application packaging is an area of Information Technology that has only appeared  recent years and  seeing an unprecedented demand for experienced staff members.

Since the release of Windows 95, applications became incredibly complex. Before Windows 95, installing applications was as simple as copying files from a server onto a workstation.

The new concept of a Registry database caused much greater difficulties as it wasn’t easily edited and there  little standardisation between installer produced by Vendors.

Often a vendor’s installation would not work as expected and attempts to automate installations of software in a standard manner would end up with extremely non-standard results.

Non-standard environments led to escalating support costs and increased complexity in getting applications onto machines.

Technology since the year 2000 and the increased usage of Microsoft’s Windows Installer as the undisputed standard for packager installers on Microsoft Operating Systems shown itself to be the answer to standardising the complexity of installers

Duration: 45 Days

Support: 24x7

Video: Yes

Application packaging Certified Professional