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Citrix products are used all around the world by IT companies with a view to improve the quality and efficiency of their organization’s Information Technology services and general networks.

Citrix Engineer

Citrix products are used all around the world by IT companies with a view to improve the quality and efficiency of their organization’s Information Technology services and general networks.

Citrix is well-known brand for the quality of their products and their dedication is to ensure only the best for companies which utilize their product.

But, all companies are not equipped with trained professionals who are well aware of the ins and outs of the Citrix line of programs and materials.

That is precisely why IT companies have the requirement of professionals who are competent of installing, implementing and troubleshooting Citrix products. This requirement in the IT industry has been vast, and a lot of job opportunities for Citrix-trained individuals have opened up in just because of this fact.

Netlabs ITS is the best online and classroom institute in Delhi NCR, Noida, India for Citrix training. Our Citrix curriculum follows all of the required topics set Citrix training program is taught by highly experienced IT professional faculty.

Explore the latest Citrix solutions
If you’re new to Citrix technologies, or a seasoned Citrix professional looking to learn about a new solution, start building your knowledge with free courses from Citrix Education. These courses will introduce you to core concepts and features, helping you develop the foundational knowledge needed to master Citrix solutions. Many of these overviews serve as prerequisites to courses that prepare students for certification exams. Citrix certifications are among the most valuable in the IT industry.

Current App and Desktop Virtualization Overviews:
• CXA-105
• Xantippe & XenDesktop Foundations
• CXA-104
• Citrix XenApp 7.6 Overview
• CXA-102
• Citrix XenApp 6.5 Overview
• CAD-100
• Introduction to Citrix AppDNA
• CXC-200
• Deploying and Managing Citrix XenClient Enterprise
• CSE-001
• Selling the Citrix Journey
• CSE-002
• Selling Citrix Mobility and Building on Our Leadership Position with Apps and Desktops
• CSE-003
• Selling Citrix Mobility and Increasing Penetration with Apps and Desktops

Current Networking Overviews:
• CNS-102
• NetScaler Overview
• CSE-001
• Selling the Citrix Journey
• CSE-004
• Selling Citrix Cloud Networking with Every Deal

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Explain what is Citrix?

It is an application deployment system. With Citrix, one can access the customized application and can also delivered to remote systems. It also allows file transfer from home computer to office computer and e-mail accessing.

Explain what is Data Store?

Data store is a database which consists of all the configuration information needed by the Citrix farm.  Changes can be made at any time to the Meta Frame Server. The changes are persisted in the data store.  It will data store following information like

  • Server configuration
  • User configuration
  • Print Environment
  • Published Application

Mention what is the query command in Citrix?

Query command in Citrix includes

  • qfarm
  • querydc
  • queryds
  • queryhr

Mention what is web interface or Nfuse?

Citrix web interface software provides web access to Java, Unix and Windows applications which are hosted via Citrix application server software. Citrix offers server side control of hosted applications, while Citrix web interface makes applications accessible through a web browser interface.

Explain what is the step to clear XenServer cache?

To clear XenServer cache you have to use command Dnscmd Server Name/clearcache.

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Citrix Engineer Course Modules

Hadoop framework includes following four modules:

  • Hadoop Common: These are Java libraries and utilities required by other Hadoop modules. These libraries provides filesystem and OS level abstractions and contains the necessary Java files and scripts required to start Hadoop.
  • Hadoop YARN: This is a framework for job scheduling and cluster resource management.
  • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS™): A distributed file system that provides high-throughput access to application data.
  • Hadoop MapReduce: This is YARN-based system for parallel processing of large data sets.

Duration: 45 Days

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