Online Support

Online Support

Ask anyone to define a successful project and they will say it’s one that comes in on time and within budget. eITCafe has the ability to deliver against your targets: we meet your goals and wherever possible reduce the impact on the business during the works. We ensure client projects are properly defined and managed, delivered on time, on budget, as per business needs and provide a working solution on completion.

eITCafe has end to end project support services and also phase wise support services. Our approach is based on best-practice methodologies and a combination of processes tailored to fit the specific needs of its client. Throughout the project life cycle, we apply tried and tested methods that include planning, change control and risk management.


  • The key benefits of eITCafe’s Project Support Services are


Tailored project support – You will have access to multi-lingual, 24x7x365 services tailored to the specific requirements of each project – bespoke reports, quality checks, direct communication paths and assessments.

Improved customer satisfaction – Real time escalations and the tracking of dependencies ensure a quality, consistent and on-time delivery.

Best practices – Our Project Support Services follow ITIL methodologies, pulling together best practices and procedures that are in line with company standards.

Secure data store and customer access – All project information, including sign-offs, photographic evidence and reports are held in secure data storage allowing secure access for customers.

Our support includes

LIVE Projects – It is by far natural for any employee working in a complex project to feel disquiet and tormented if things just don’t go right. It’s here that we extend our support to working force by supporting them in completing their tasks as per the requirement and stipulated time.

Migration Projects – Technology is ever changing and with this change comes the need to hone the skills. Migrating to a new skill always requires mastering it theoretically and most importantly practically. We provide such candidates with hairsplitting project assignments and exposure right from its inception to its closure.

Academic Projects – We also support graduates in completing their academic projects. Students are actively involved at every stage of the project so that they can understand it better and can face interviews confidently.