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In this highly interactive On Demand Learning (ODL) course, participants learn concepts that will build the foundation necessary to develop and administer applications in BMC Remedy AR System 8.0.

Remedy Developer

BMC Remedy Action Request System (ARS) is a proprietary application server developed initially byRemedy Corp and acquired by BMC Software in 2002.

It is best known as being part of the BMC Remedy IT Management Suite, a set of applications that runs over ARS.

BMC Remedy AR System 8.0: Foundation – Part 1 (ODL) Online Class
In this highly interactive On Demand Learning (ODL) course, participants learn concepts that will build the foundation necessary to develop and administer applications in BMC Remedy AR System 8.0. This course introduces AR System architecture, terminology, and base concepts and functions. Participants learn how to navigate BMC Remedy Mid Tier and BMC Remedy Developer Studio in order to perform various tasks and how to apply these concepts in their own environments. In addition to the online course content, participants are given access to a remote lab environment where they can practice concepts such as creating forms, fields, and workflow objects in order to begin to experience the power of AR System. ALERT: Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for the BMC Remedy AR System 8.0: Foundation – Part 2 course. ALERT: From the date of registration confirmation, you have 90 days of access to the core educational content, and 5 consecutive days of you’re choosing to access the remote lab environment. During the 5-consecutive-day period, you can work at your own pace through the lab exercises and associated Web-based education content within the remote environment, freely explore, and complete optional activities that supplement the core lab exercises. ALERT: On Demand Learning (ODL) courses do not include access to an instructor or education representative. Should you find a course concept or lab procedure to be challenging, several self- help tools (such as instructions for accessing and using the remote lab environment and troubleshooting tips) are included within the course content.


• Introducing the fictitious customer Venison
• Understanding the AR System architecture
• Understanding AR System business roles
• Summarizing AR System concepts


• Using BMC Remedy Mid Tier
• Exploring user preference settings
• Accessing forms in AR System


• Working with Notifications and Approval Central
• Using Basic and Advanced Search
• Creating Reports in AR System


• AR System application components
• Exploring BMC Remedy Developer Studio
• Using forms in AR System
• Using fields in AR System
• Using workflow in AR System


• Understanding access control in AR System
• Understanding users and groups
• Creating groups in AR System
• Creating users in AR System


• Understanding various out-of-the-box applications
• Overview of ITSM
• Overview of CMDB

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What is BMC ARS?

The BMC’s Action Request System which was developed by the Remedy, is the application development platform. It helps the business design and other related software to be developed over generic database engines like mySQL etc and it is meant for client-server based application architecture.

What is the ARS data dictionary?

The ARS data dictionary is the meta data related to the entire database. It acts in the same way as there are meta tables in the sql engines. The ARS data dictionary has the relationship map between various fields and tables, thereby of the entire data in the database.

How is form data managed by the Action Request System?

The ARS manages the entire data in the remedy forms through the use of table schema ids and the transaction tables, which are meant for each data set that are meant within the forms.

What are the different ways possible, for building applications that interact with remedy in a standard way?

The most standard way of interfacing the applications are through webservices, SQL based access from other standard applications directly and through the Remedy API.

How do filters work? Can it be used to fire complete action set in one phase?

The filters are just checks over the data passing through the objects. This can be used to get the required data that are presenting the required checks. The actions cannot be triggered all at once as the checks are sequentially done and appropriate actions are triggered out at each check.

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