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Sharepoint is an integrated suite supporting web services (internet website), intranet and content management system in a single platform Sharepoint is a collaborative tool: Sharing of documents, workflows, management of events through calendars are the main advantages.

Sharepoint Training

Sharepoint Training Introduction

Sharepoint is an integrated suite supporting web services (internet website), intranet and content management system in a single platform Sharepoint is a collaborative tool: Sharing of documents, workflows, management of events through calendars are the main advantages.

HOW DOES IT WORK? All the content is stored in a site collection (iiw) which gathers sharepoint sub-sites (The IIW, IIW Members…). The structure is similar under any site: one can find templates, lists, libraries (and folders), pages (web pages).

Unidentified users can only go through web pages according to the programmed navigation (menus and links). Identified users have access, depending on their rights, to menus and links and can switch to the back office.

Depending on their rights, they can go to the libraries, manage the structures and groups, change the design, or have full control. CONCEPTS Users: Individuals, identified by their personal credentials (login and password). Groups: Grouping of users to optimize organization and security of the plateform.

Can be Sharepoint built-in groups or customized. Back office: The underlying organization of content, like the hard disk of a computer (folders, libraries, documents, pages) Webparts: Elements used in the web pages.

Their functionalities can be from a simple text editor to a allowing access to information stored in lists, groups or in any library of the platform.

Front office: The visible part of the platform, mainly web pages but, depending on access rights, can allow one, through webparts, to go to the folders, libraries, lists of data. Lists: Collection of information to be shared between users.

SharePoint Online Training Curriculum

Share Point Server Overview and Installation

This module of Sharepoint training, introduces the server, architecture, internal components and much more.
• Introduction to Sharepoint Server Planning and Architecture of Sharepoint Server
• Introduction to various versions of share point servers
• Sharepoint Server Architecture and its internal components
• Configuring default databases
• Prerequisites of share point server
• Installation of Sharepoint Server

Share Point Server Technologies

What is web application, how to manage libraries, sites and pages in sharepoint training.
• Introduction to web application
• Introduction to share point high level components
• Introduction and using of libraries and list items
• Managing libraries and lists
• Create and managing workspaces

Document Management and Content Management

This part of Sharepoint online training sessions aim at creating and managing web documents.
• Creating and managing document libraries
• Creating and managing form libraries
• Creating and managing wiki page

User Communications, Lists and Custom List Items

A very comprehensive discussion and demonstration of user communications, custom list items and much more during this module of Sharepoint training.
• Announcements
• Contacts
• Discussion board
• Links
• Calendar
• Tasks and project tasks

Users Permissions and Access Levels

• Train over the different access level’s and how to restrict users in this module of Sharepoint training.
• Introduction to security
• Access level
• User permission and management

Sites, Sitepages, Master Pages, Sharepoint Server Designer and Branding

As you work on your site in SharePoint Designer, you’ll frequently add pages that support the design or functionality of the site. Learn more about Sitepages, Master pages and web parts in this module of Sharepoint online training.
• Creating custom site as templates
• Creating custom pages and designing
• Creating Master pages
• Creating designer based pages
• Creating designer based web parts

Introduction to Infopath

Infopath is a MS Office tool/program that lets you define and use XML based forms. The most common usage of InfoPath is to integrate it with Microsoft SharePoint technology using InfoPath Form Services (included in the enterprise commercial version of MOSS). In this module of Sharepoint training.
• Understanding infopath
• Use the system templates
• Create custom templates
• Create xml based templates and publish to SPS
• Create Database templates and publish to SPS
• Create Web service based templates and publish to Moss
• Sites customization

Claims Based Authentication

Claims Based Authentication is becoming so popular these days and enabling a SharePoint site to authenticate users no matter what authentication system is involved just got easier. Acquaint yourself all about CBA in our Sharepoint training.
• Introduction to FBA
• Creating and configuring FBA
• Creating FBA Users
• Authenticate FBA users
• Using MY Site and My links
• User Profiles
• Excel Services

Introduction to Webparts

What is webpart, its architecture , creation and deployment of webparts will be taught in this module of Sharepoint online training.
• Webpart architecture
• Create and deploy web part
• Create web part and deploy with server controls
• Debugging web parts

Introduction to Sharepoint API

This module on Sharepoint training provides resources to let you know about sharepoint server object model , access sites and much more…
• Using Sharepoint Server object model
• Access sites
• Document Libraries or List items
• Update list items from data base and flat files

Work Flows

Learn what a workflow is and all its components during the workflow sessions in our Sharepoint training.
• Workflows introduction
• Creating workflows
• Accessing workflows
• Managing workflows

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what is a web part?

Web parts consist of xml queries to full SharePoint lists or document libraries. You can also develop your own web parts and web part pages.

What are the advantages of SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) over SharePoint Team Services (STS)?

SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) has MUCH better document management. It has check-in, check-out, versioning, approval, publishing, subscriptions, categories, etc. STS does not have these features, or they are very scaled back. SharePoint Portal Services (SPS) has a better search engine, and can crawl multiple content sources. STS cannot. STS is easier to manage and much better for a team environment where there is not much Document Management going on. SPS is better for an organization, or where Document Management is crucial.

what is CAML?

CALM tands for Collaborative Application Markup Language and is an XML-based language that is used in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services to define sites and lists, including, for example, fields, views, or forms, but CAML is also used to define tables in the Windows SharePoint Services database during site provisioning.

What are ways to create input forms for workflow ?

1. You can create your forms by using custom application pages, which are standard .aspx pages deployed to run out of the _layouts directory.
2. Using Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007

what is MOSS ?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is the full version of a portal-based platform for collaboratively creating, managing and sharing documents and Web services.
In MOSS additional feature add that can not in WSS 3.0.

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Sharepoint Course Module

SharePoint is a web application that integrates with Microsoft Office. Launched in 2001 SharePoint is primarily sold as a document management and storage system, but the product is highly configurable and usage varies substantially between organizations.

Microsoft states that SharePoint has 160 million users across 75,000 customer organizations.[4]

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