Siebel CRM Course

Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers solutions for: Development, Deployment, Diagnostic, Integration, Productivity, and Mobile services.

SIEBEL CRM Training Course Details

Siebel CRM Technology provides the server framework to support Siebel Applications. It delivers solutions for: Development, Deployment, Diagnostic, Integration, Productivity, and Mobile services.

CRM is a business wide strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability without compromising the customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also improves the call center efficiency where customer data is accessed real-time.

There are many CRM softwares available in the market. They come in different forms. Some are low cost softwares which are very simple to implement and have very limited functionalities while some softwares available have very complex functionalities and could cost millions to implement it. The company management needs to determine which CRM software best suits their business needs in terms of its operational efficiency and budget. Among all of those available softwares in the market, the most popular ones is Siebel CRM.


• Siebel Applications
• Introduction Siebal Application
• Implementing Siebel Applications
• Using the Siebel Client
• Working with Data in the User Interface
• Comparison of the Siebel CRM versions (7.5/7.7/7.8/8.0)

Architecture and Software Installation

• Explplain the Siebel Architecture
• How Clients Access Seibel Data
• How To Installing Siebel software
• Introducing Server Administration
• Server Components and Parameters
• Server configuration and Management


• Securing Siebel Access to the Applications
• Controlling Access to views
• Controlling Access to Customer Data
• Creating the Company Structure
• Controlling Access to Master Data
• Authenticating Users
• Understanding object Definitions behind a Siebel Applications
• Understanding Siebel Tools to Examine Object Definitions
• Understanding the Siebel Data Model
• Understanding Business Components
• Understanding Party Business Components
• Understanding Business Objects


• The Configuration Process
• Managing Object Definitions
• Editing and Compiling Object Definitions
• Understanding the Physical User Interface
• Configuring Applets
• Configuring Applications, Screens and Views
• Configuring Drilldowns
• Configuring Business Components and Fields
• Creating business Components and Fields
• Configuring Pick Lists
• Configuring Multi-Value groups
• Extending the Seibel Database
• Exploring Integration Strategies

Enterprise Integration Manager

• Managing Object Definitions
• Editing ad Compiling Object Definitions
• UI Layer Configuration: Web Templates
• UI Layer Configuration: Applets
• UI Layer Configuration: Applications, Screens, ad Views
• UI Layer Configuration: Drilldowns
• Business Layer Configuration: Joins
• Business Layer Configuration: Existing Business Components and Fields
• Business Layer Configuration: new Business Components and Fields
• Business Layer Configuration: Pick lists
• Configuring Multi-Value Groups
• Data Layer Configuration

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Job Preparation

• Assistance with learning job seeking skills
• Resume creation
• Master application completion
• Dressing for success
• Job interview preparation

Job Development

• Assistance with completing applications online or in person
• Job development online, on foot, networking events, job fairs and established employer relationships to locate available positions in your job goal
• Job leads and information on attending hiring events
• Follow-ups on applications placed to request interviews.


SIEBEL is the leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

What difference between Fields and single value fields

multivalue field has the child values from a chind BC for the parent record configured through MVL. single value field will be either from the base table or joined table.
the Difference between Single Value Field (SVF) and Multi Value Field(MVF)
SVF- a field in BC which references a column in a table
MVF- a field in parent BC which references a field in child BC
Field-Identifies and defines a field in a business component. All fields making up a business component record contain entries from both Single Value Field and Multi Value Field object types.

what is Localisation?

Modify the object definitions in the local repository.

what is different between bounded and unbounded picklist?

We can enter free text incase of Unbounded Picklist. But, incase of Bounded Picklist, we can not enter freetext.

Dynamic Picklist is used to Update Join Fields? How?

Actually we cannot modify the join fields we cannot do any modifications and updations on that fields to do these things we create the dynamic picklist or pickapplet.dynamic picklist to modify (to enter new records )in the join fields

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