WinRunner Course

WinRunner is a program that is responsible for the automated testing of software. It is designed to function with Windows applications, and it was designed by Mercury Interactive Corporation, organization is based in California.WinRunner will allow you to make comparisons between various outcomes.

WinRunner Training

WinRunner Introduction

WinRunner is a program that is responsible for the automated testing of software. It is designed to function with Windows applications, and it was designed by Mercury Interactive Corporation,  organization  is based in California.WinRunner will allow you to make comparisons between various outcomes.

A series of wizards will be provided to the user, and these wizards can create tests in an automated manner. Another impressive aspect of Winrunner is the ability to record various interactions, and transform them into scripts. WinRunner is designed for testing GUIs, or Graphic User Interfaces.

WinRunner Training Curriculum

Win Runner Online Training Course Content :

• Recording and Playback
• Recording a test script
• Setting the initial condition
• Record and run modes


• Why synchronization is necessary
• Where to use synchronization
• Understanding different synchronization statements
• Adding synchronization statements to a script


• Implementing GUI checkpoints
• Implementing bitmap checkpoints


• Understanding parameters
• Using the Data Driver Wizard

GUI Map Introduction

• How the GUI Map works
• Logical Names and Physical Descriptions
• How to load a GUI Map from a startup script

GUI Map Maintenance and Troubleshooting

• How the GUI Map is recorded and used
• Using the RapidTest Script Wizard
• Modifying Logical Names and Physical Descriptions
• The GUI Spy

Checking Your Database

• Verifying database content, columns, and rows
• Performing runtime record checks

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How do you analyze test results in Winrunner tool and report the defects?

When you finish any test in WinRunner, WinRunner displays the results in a report format. The report logs the general information about the test run I.e date, operator mode and total run time. Also the report details all the major events that occurred during the run, such as checkpoints, error messages, system messages, or user messages. Mismatch can be found in the report panel by seeing the actual result and the expected result. If a test run fails due to a defect in the application being tested, you can report information about the defect directly from the Test Results window. This information is sent via e-mail to the quality assurance manager, who tracks the defect until it is fixed.

What is the use of Test Director testing tool?

TestDirector is Mercury Interactive’s software test management tool. It helps quality assurance personnel plan and organize the testing process. With TestDirector you can create a database of manual and automated tests, build test cycles, run tests, and report and track defects. You can also create reports and graphs to help review the progress of planning tests, running tests, and tracking defects before a software release.

What are the different modes of recording in WinRunner?

Two type of recording in WinRunner.
1. Context Sensitive recording records the operations you perform on your application by identifying Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects. Winrunner identifies all the objects in your window you click like menus, windows, lists, buttons and the type of operation you perform such as enable, move, select etc.
2. Analog recording records keyboard input, mouse clicks, and the precise x- and y-coordinates traveled by the mouse pointer across the screen i.e Winrunner records exact co-ordinates traveled by mouse.

What is the purpose of loading WinRunner Add-Ins?

Add-Ins are used in WinRunner to load functions specific to the particular add-in to the memory. While creating a script only those functions in the add-in selected will be listed in the function generator and while executing the script only those functions in the loaded add-in will be executed else WinRunner will give an error message saying it does not recognize the function.

What are the reasons that WinRunner fails to identify GUI object?

WinRunner fails to identify an object in a GUI due to various reasons.
1. The object is not a standard windows object.
2. If the browser used is not compatible with the WinRunner version, GUI Map Editor will not be able to learn any of the objects displayed in the browser window.

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Course Curriculam

WinRunner Training Modules

WinRunner training aims to enable trainees to do automated testing practically and understand the concepts of levels of testing like white box testing and black box testing and also types of testing. Students are guided to explore testing skills and efficiently face real-time challenges by 13+ year experienced industry experts.

Duration: 45 Days

Support: 24×7

Video: Yes

WinRunner Certified Professional