Workday Course

Workday is a web-based ERP software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications.

Work Day Training Course Details

Workday Training Course Introduction

Workday is a web-based ERP software vendor that specializes in human capital management and financial management applications.

Workday provides management with a way to oversee employee data, time tracking, procurement, expense management and financial accounting.

The company has been applauded for the way it’s put an emphasis on usability, providing customers with integrated modules for human resource and business management.

Workday Training Curriculum

Introduction to Workday

This module will introduce you to Workday . Starting off with basic concepts of how to navigate, what are Landing pages, how to slide out and create Hyperlinks and much more.
• What are the Business Objects?
• Basic Workday Navigation Landing Pages
• Related Action Menus in Workday
• Search,Slide-out tabs in Workday
• Hyperlinks and Additional Navigation Topics in Workday

Organizations in workday

After learning the basic navigation’s in workday training, we will now talk about the different organization types in Workday, its hierarchies, how to set up and manage the supervisory organization structure.
• Workday Organization types
• Supervisory Workday Organizations
• Workday Reorganization
• Setup of supervisory org structure in Workday
• Managing Workday supervisory organization
• Creating a subordinate org in Workday
• Dividing a supervisory org in workday

Compensation in Workday

The Workday compensation module trains you on the components of Compensation, how Compensation package is designed based on certain rules, and grades and how to setup security and initiate the compensated event.
• Workday Compensation Components
• Creating Compensation and Compensation Rules in Workday
• Workday Compensation Reports
• Workday Compensation Packages

Workday Staffing Models

This module of WorkDay Training guides you on different types of Workday staffing models, what is meant by hiring restrictions and how management is done in WorkDay.
• Types of Staffing Models available in Workday
• Configuring individual staffing model in Workday
• Workday Hiring Restrictions
• Workday Position Management,Headcount Management and Job Management


A detailed discussion over iLoads in workday training, covers data extractions, how to lay foundation, master and implement suites in workday.
• Workday iLoads
• Data push and Data extraction in Workday
• Kinds of Data load
• Foundation, Master and Implementation Suites in Workday
• Implementation Areas and Implementation Tasks in Workday

Transactions in workday

We will also explain how to assign user based security during your workday training, what and why is staffing movement done, hiring supervisory organizations and finally workday accounts and viewing personal data.
• Creating Applicants in Workday
• Hiring in Supervisory Organizations in Workday
• Assigning User-based security groups
• Hire into position/job/headcount management

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Support services

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Job Preparation

• Assistance with learning job seeking skills
• Resume creation
• Master application completion
• Dressing for success
• Job interview preparation

Job Development

• Assistance with completing applications online or in person
• Job development online, on foot, networking events, job fairs and established employer relationships to locate available positions in your job goal
• Job leads and information on attending hiring events
• Follow-ups on applications placed to request interviews.

What is Workday?

Workday is an enterprise business service software application that integrates human resources, payroll, finance, and purchasing.  It delivers these applications in a cloud model that allows people to work collaboratively in a real-time environment that is accessible to every member of Madison College.  PeopleSoft Student will not be impacted by this change.

What are the advantages of Workday?

Workday provides employees with more immediate access to data since transactions are real-time. Workday also offers greater flexibility. The reports that will be available to managers will give them more insight to their data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Employees will be able to view or run their own reports on demand rather than having to request a report and waiting for the results of that request. Employees will be able to access and manage their own HR benefit elections, address changes, dependent changes, withholding exemptions, absence requests and time tracking entries, to name a few.

Who will have access to Workday? Can everyone generate reports?

Access to Workday is determined by login credentials and settings.  All employees will have some level of access.  An individual’s level of access will determine which delivered reports and/or data they can view

Workday HCM ?

Workday Human Capital Management Workday Human Capital Management is the only application that unifies HR and Talent Management into a single system-of-record. And with embedded analytics, manager and employee self-service, and a user experience unlike any other enterprise application, Workday redefines what it means to manage a global, mobile, and diverse workforce

How much does Workday Human Capital Management cost?

We have the following pricing information for Workday Human Capital Management:

Pricing model: One-time Licence, Subscription

Key Features


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24/7 online support for the course learners

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Access to the Recorded Sessions and classes

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Course Curriculam

Workday Course Module

Workday is human capital management and financial management software solutions delivering cloud leveraging a modern technology platform. HCM unite HR and talent management gain operational visibility, efficiency and accuracy. Financial management is transforming enterprise finance utilizing drill-down analysis through Multi-dimensions for insight information, global consolidation, process controls and security. Workday  training teach overview of organizing in workday, types of staffing models and compensation components.
Duration: 45 Days

Support: 24x7

Video: Yes

WORKDAY Certified Professional